Sept 18-24 & Sept 25-Oct 1 Return to Joy Retreat

Return to Joy

A curated retreat and vision quest for the mindful traveler

Sept 18-24 AND Sept 25-Oct 1

The 2017 Autumn Equinox-Return to Joy Retreats are designed as a Journey of Remembrance to Revive, Reveal, and Remember our true state of being, in joy!

Charlene Jessica Parker, Jummee Park and Aspasia Koumli are the powerful, skilled and magical guides hosting the two 7-day retreats. Through body movement, Naam Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Chi-gong, dance and Jummee Method “Play Yoga”, we access our body’s superpowers to purify and release; through daily activities, swimming, beach time, boat trip, hikes and sharing we live our myth in Greece while listening and reflecting; and through daily meditation practices, sound-baths, harmonium healing, massage, naps and breath-work we pause to make space for grace and embody Joy & Radiance!

Join Aspasia, Jummee and Charlene this autumn for 7 days of exploration, spiritual renewal and full spectrum wellness to live more fully in your heart and embody happiness, return to joy, your true state of love.

Luxuriate in acts of self-love, enjoy the art of slow living and intimate connection, experience food from soil the way the earth intended.


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